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25th February 2010, 14:19
I'm trying to made a so-called multistory on a BD. I've a film that is in a Director's Cut form and I need to put both DC and non-DC. The non-DC differ only for the absence of some scenes so I would like to put the film one time only in the BD.
I have the film already compressed in DC form (is this right? Or do I need to cut the film in a "slice" form?). Someone know the right sequence of doing this in Scenarist? Thank you very much! :thanks:

Edit: Nevermind, I've discovered how to do it. The only major drawback in this operation is that the film need to be "sliced" in every part (main film + differences encoded apart). Since I've already the film encoded, I can't do that in Scenarist (which infact refuse to mux). Thanks anyway. :)

3rd March 2010, 22:55
Yes, you need to cut the film into several different clips, then combine them into different Playlists, I believe.
I seem to remember there is another possible way of doing it though, with one source file, and different PlayListMarks? I could be wrong.

4th March 2010, 00:48
Yes, you can made it with only one playlist and multiple playlistmark. I prefer this way better.

4th March 2010, 09:08
Yeah, that's an option, but you can't cut the video as accurately I don't think. The PlayListMarks have to land on I-frames or there could be issues with sync and audio pops, and possibly playing a few more (or less) frames than you actually want.

5th March 2010, 18:41
Am I right in saying that PlayListMarks will also cause the time counter on the player to skip forward, or am I not remembering clearly?