View Full Version : No Color in GeForce GTS 2 Pro - Capture

Dr. Jammer
29th January 2002, 10:08
I have a GeForce GTS 2 Pro with capture capabilities, Iīve just downloaded the wdm drivers for Windows XP for my video card, ok so far so good I get the imgae and all but the image is Black and White, no color does anyone know whats happening ???

30th January 2002, 14:03
Most likely you have "S-Video" selected in your software while actually using a Composite cable connected through the S-Video input of your card. Just select "Composite" and everything should be fine.

30th January 2002, 15:20
.. or the other way round sonds more likely to me, i.e. you have a S-video signbal connected to your card but you have selected composite in the settings.

Dr. Jammer
2nd February 2002, 00:52
In fact it was a color standard problem, here in Brazil we use PAL-M, and I couldnīt get my software to accept PAL-M, so if u canīt win them join them, I changed my sat dish to broadcast in NTSC-M and my VCR too, so now everything is fine. But I still canīt make my software/drivers accept PAL-M. Iīm using DVCR from ASUS.