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29th January 2002, 08:25

Since there is a great option in DVD2SVCD about avi2SVCD conversion, I figured out I would try to capture movies from my satellite receiver (TPS, french pay television).

So I gave it a try and captured a 1h40min movie to AVI using picVideo Mjpeg codec. I used the usually good IuVCR program, and it captured 1h40min at 480x576 without a single frame drop and amazing picture quality . (for info, I'm using an ATI all in wonder 128 pro AGP, on a Celeron 566@850MHz, hard disk IBM deskstar 60Go).

Great, I said, now let's go to MPEG encoding through Avi2SVCD. But, But, But....when I tried to playback the AVI file, I noticed that the more the movie goes on, the more sound is desynced. I mean for the first 15 minutes, sync is OK, then it starts to be slightly desynced and after half an hour, there is nearly 1 second delay between sound and picture.

Did anyone experiment this with this IUVCR program ? Is it related to the MJPEG codec ? What can I do to correct this on my movie now and to avoid this in the future ?

THanks a lot for sharing your experience on this.


30th January 2002, 05:55
Use MMC 7.5 with MPEG2 I-frame only (I also heard that MMC 7.6 will be available very soon).
It will be equivalent in quality to MJPEG, is more standard, and you will not have any audio sync problems.