View Full Version : virtualdub sylia vcf script doesnt accept wildcards

18th February 2010, 17:18
I want to open a video file using a .vcf script file. This can be done by:


However, for automating purposes I would like to be able to open any avi file in a directory.

The logical step to take would to add a wildcard:


This is however not possible:

Cannot open file "*.avi":
The filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect.

Does anyone know a workaround to fix this issue?

18th February 2010, 17:24
Wildcards don't work everywhere, invoke using a script or batch file passing the filename as argument might work.

/i invokes a script with arguments. All arguments following the script filename until the next switch are passed to the script in the VirtualDub.params[] array.

virtualdub /i process.script from.avi to.avi /x

18th February 2010, 17:58
I tried this and other options without success:

Without quotes Virtualdub.exe just opens and does nothing so I tried to add them:

Virtualdub.exe /i "E:\encoding\myscript.vcf E:\encoding\*.avi E:\encoding\test.avi"


VirtualDub Error

Cannot open file "test.avi":

The filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect.

Another option I tried was opening vdub.exe instead of virtualdub.exe but this is giving me likewise errors or will just do nothing (no errors, no creating of a test.avi)

18th February 2010, 18:07
Seems you don't know how to script/code, it works like this:


Virtualdub.exe /i "E:\encoding\myscript.vcf" "E:\encoding\input.avi"



18th February 2010, 18:44
Point taken. ;) Although I never tried to state otherwise

Thanks to your help I added


to open and


to save the avi to my myscript.vcf file

Now a cmdl like:

Virtualdub.exe /i "E:\encoding\myscript.vcf" "E:\encoding\input.avi" "E:\encoding\output.avi"

is working like it is supposed to.

However when providing a wildcard as the input
(Virtualdub.exe /i "E:\encoding\myscript.vcf" "E:\encoding\*.avi" "E:\encoding\output.avi") it still won't open the avi file

18th February 2010, 18:58
Like I said wildcards don't work everywhere, it's mostly a command shell thing that work also in certain other applications but not generally in all file IO related locations.