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29th January 2002, 05:56
I have ripped a movie subtitles using the VobSub Configure tool. Now I wanna convert this kind of subtitle to a text subtilte like .SUB. How can I open it on SubRip and then make the OCR?

29th January 2002, 09:49
Please do a search first before you ask a question. Your question has already been answered in thread 'VobSub -> srt'.

29th January 2002, 12:21
Why do you want to convert it?

29th January 2002, 13:15
Cause I live in Brazil, I talk Portuguese and I translate the subtitles from english and spanish to my language

29th January 2002, 13:40
now i understand :)

you could directly access the .vobs using subrip.

mark and open all .vobs and start the the ripping process.

the rest of it is self explaining.

29th January 2002, 17:52
The problem is that I don't have the VOBs. I have used the VobSub Configuration tool to extract the subtitles on vobsub format, so I don't have the VOBs to open on SubRip.
I know how to use SubRip, but I just one open this kind of subtitle on SubRip and convert to a text format.

29th January 2002, 21:42
Rename the .SUB file from the two/three created by VobSub to .VOB. It is in fact just extracted subtitle stream from VOB file.

Works perfectly in SubRip and in fact I am using this approach even when doing JUST text subtitles, because I can play with OCR settings in SubRip more then...

30th January 2002, 09:55
@Yusaku: you need the .ifo for that? any idea what to do if you don't have it?

31st January 2002, 00:16
Nope, you don't need IFO. If you don't have it though, youll have to
a) look in IDX file which sub stream are you looking for
b) guess stream number (english is usually first, but others are... mixed)

1st February 2002, 14:47
or use VobSub 2.09 to OCR subtitles you want.

4th February 2002, 17:58
Where can I download VobSub 2.09? Doom9 only has 2.08 and the VobSub page is not responding.

4th February 2002, 18:44
Well, right now gabest page works.