View Full Version : ATI TV Wonder VE Cap Drivers

29th January 2002, 04:27
I use an ATI TV Wonder VE, and both Nandub and Virtualdub give me the error "No capture driver available" when I attempt "Capture AVI". ATI's own capture program crashes on start. The drivers show up in Device Manager, but no video capture devices appear under the Multimedia control panel. However, the DirectShow Device Enum program shows that I do have a DX capture driver installed for the card, and I can capture using the (effectively useless) Video Capture demo from the DirectX 8 SDK. I have reinstalled the drivers and physically reinstalled the card many times, and this problem persits. Any ideas what's wrong?

29th January 2002, 05:04
Have you tried removing other devices from your system to determine if there are any conflicts? If ATI's own software crashes, then you know there's a problem.

Also, you might need the VFW->WDM wrapper if you want to capture with VFW programs like VirtualDub:


29th January 2002, 05:25
Thank you. As it so happens, after the many, many hours I have spent proding this card in the past, about half an hour after I posted that message, I realized that what I probably needed was a VFW/WDM wrapper, found one, and now VirtualDub and Nandub are working wonderfully, as is the capture card. ]:--8) I haven't dealt with fixing the ATI software yet, because, frankly, there was only one program in that suite that I found worthy of the bits it took on my hard drive...

Therefore, I recommend for anyone who happens to stumble across a similar problem, and this thread, to try a wrapper driver. It takes 5 minutes, can't hurt, and may fix your problem.