View Full Version : Frame-accurate VC-1 decoder?

8th February 2010, 21:53
Anyone with recommendation of a frame-accurate VC-1 decoder?
I don't have a Nvidia-CUDA-gfxcard (I have an ATI HD 4200), so DGVC1DecNv doesn't work for me.

If there is no frame-accurate VC-1 decoder (except for CUDA-gfxcards), is DSS2 (or ffms2) better than normal DSS?


EDIT: @Revgen: Thanks for trying to help, but if I'd spend money on a new gfxcard, it would be on a DX11-compatible, which only are the ATI HD 5xxx-series now :-P

11th February 2010, 00:11
I don't know what they cost in Europe, but a VC1 decoding Nvidia card costs as little as $30 USD over here. I can't see why you can't ahold of one unless your system doesn't support PCI-E or you use your current card for gaming.

Other than DGVC1DecNV, I don't know of any that are frame-accurate.

11th February 2010, 00:17
or you use your current card for gaming Even that is not an obstacle if you can install the Nvidia card as a secondary display adapter.