View Full Version : A forum for Pinnacle-cards?

29th January 2002, 03:24

I bought a Pinnacle Studio PCTV Pro PCI-card, and I'm not happy at all with the software for it, plus it has no official WDM-drivers.

So I wanna use another (beta) WDM-driver with it. And if I do, the software that comes with the card will not run, so I have to find something else to capture video with the TV-tuner - like CyberLink PowerVCR II Deluxe, which I bought before I found out that the PCTV as of now doesn't come with WDM-drivers. And another radiotuner-program.

Anyway - is this a good place to talk about this card in specific and alternative software/drivers for it? Or do you guys know of a specific forum for it? And please don't say pinnaclesys.com, 'cause there are no moderators there and only newbies (like me) asking questions that remain unanswered.

Btw, the card uses the Bt878-chip, I think. And I'd be happy for any response!


29th January 2002, 14:33
go to http://www.tv-cards.com/