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27th January 2010, 13:26
Hi all,
how can i loop a video in Scenarist so the BD will playback forever?

It will be the only video in the disc.


27th January 2010, 20:55
Quick and easy way:
Go to the Scenario Editor, you should have a Title with your PlayList in it that you want to loop (I assume you got it that far?).
Select the 'Connect' button from the row of little icons at the top, and select Jump from the pull-down list.
Click on the 'CMD' flag of the Title you want to loop, and drag the arrow up to the Title square above it.

It will now restart that title at the end of the video.
(You can use the same 'drag' technique to make the FirstPlayback and TopMenu titles go to your video Title too, and you are basically done...)

Longer version with more detail:
If you've used Scenarist for DVD before, you are probably familiar with the idea of Pre and Post commands. These exist in HDMV, they are just in the same place (that CMD flag).
Click on the MovieObject (MO) box of the Title you are looping (in the Scenario Editor). Then select the NaviCommandEditor.
In that list of commands, everything above the 'PlayPL' command is a 'Pre command' (executed before the video plays), everything after it is a 'Post command' (executed after the video plays). So you just want a JumpTitle back to the one title in your project after the PlayPL command. If you need to do something else (like add 1 to a counter), do it here, after the PlayPL command. That way you can do something like set it to play 100 times and then stop or something...


28th January 2010, 08:40
Thanks Man! New way of looking at Pre and Post Commands for BD.

28th January 2010, 10:01
Thanks rik!
once again you are you are very helpfull!