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19th January 2010, 00:56
The Godfather Part II is split over two DVDs. When you rip just the movie from the two DVDs, the total size is 10.6 GB. I was trying to use DVD2one to do a seamless join, but there seems to be a limit of 9 GB for one file.

If possible, I would really like to seamlessly combine the two halves without compressing them. Is there any way around this/should I use a different program to accomplish what I'm looking to do?

Thank you.

19th January 2010, 01:12
You're interested in just concatenating the video/audio/sub streams for further processing?

19th January 2010, 05:32
@HartleySanI was trying to use DVD2one to do a seamless join, but there seems to be a limit of 9 GB for one file.

Per the DVD2One homepage:Tuesday September 16, 2008

DVD2one V2.3.0

Here is a new version of DVD2one with the following new features:

New option for movie-only and join mode: Target. This option defines what type of output files will be created:
DVD Player: this is the default target and will create a dvd-video fileset that will play on any dvd player.
Media Player: this will output a single VOB file which should play on most media players.
PS3 USB HDD: this is a special mode for creating a single VOB file that will play directly from an USB Hard Disk Drive on the PS3. It does essentially the same as target Media Player, but the output size is automatically limited to 4GB. Also special warnings are displayed for audio and subtitle tracks that can not be played from the XMB. Please read manual for more info.
New advanced option: support for dvd-video filesets bigger than 9GB:
The extra data is place in the 9th VOB file.
This option can be used to create large joins for re-encoding with other tools.
The output plays perfectly fine with Apple DVD player, VLC, PowerDVD and Media Player Classic.
Please note that dvd-video filesets bigger than 9GB are not compliant and may not work properly with other 3rd party tools or dvd players.

19th January 2010, 12:54
Oh, great. I was able to do it. Just had to play around with the settings a bit. Now, I have one, giant VOB file. My goal is to turn this into an ISO image of a DVD, so how can I turn this one VOB file into a DVD? Thank you.

19th January 2010, 19:35
Oh, great. I was able to do it. Just had to play around with the settings a bit. Now, I have one, giant VOB file. My goal is to turn this into an ISO image of a DVD, so how can I turn this one VOB file into a DVD? Thank you.

If you want to burn it to a DVD you'll need to compress it so just run the output through DVD2One as it is one of the very few programs that supports these extended filesets.

If you just want to create an ISO then use ImgBurn in build mode.


23rd January 2010, 10:02
Okay. I realized my new problem: I turned the giant VOB file into the proper DVD files by using IfoEdit, but it totally screwed up the color of the subtitles. Now they're this ugly green and almost impossible to read. Is there any way around this? Thank you.

23rd January 2010, 10:58
One option would be to fix it with DVDsubedit.

But if you set the output of DVD2One to fileset you can just produce the fileset directly without any need for conversion.


23rd January 2010, 11:19

To fix it, you will have to:

- Open the movie original .IFO (most likely "VTS_01_0.IFO") in IfoEdit.

- Select "VTS_PGCITI" >> VTS_PGC_1"

- Choose "Subtitle Color" >> "Copy Colors From This PGC".

- Open your edited version of the .IFO.

- Select "VTS_PGCITI" >> VTS_PGC_1"

- Choose "Subtitle Color" >> "Paste Colors Into This PGC".

- Save the .IFO and .BUP (make backups beforehand, just in case).

If the DVD has more than one title with subs, repeat the same procedure for the other .IFOs


5# Q: "Green and fuzzy subtitles after creating new IFO files".

In that case the color values in the PGC in table VTS_PGCITI are set to zero.

But they should look like this:
[000000a5] Color 0 Y Cr CB 40 109 240 [28 6d f0 ]
[000000a9] Color 1 Y Cr CB 81 240 90 [51 f0 5a ]
[000000ad] Color 2 Y Cr CB 16 128 128 [10 80 80 ]
[000000b1] Color 3 Y Cr CB 234 128 128 [ea 80 80 ]
[000000b5] Color 4 Y Cr CB 58 143 149 [3a 8f 95 ]
[000000b9] Color 5 Y Cr CB 72 116 169 [48 74 a9 ]
[000000bd] Color 6 Y Cr CB 210 146 16 [d2 92 10 ]
[000000c1] Color 7 Y Cr CB 91 73 146 [5b 49 92 ]
[000000c5] Color 8 Y Cr CB 95 156 168 [5f 9c a8 ]
[000000c9] Color 9 Y Cr CB 209 128 128 [d1 80 80 ]
[000000cd] Color 10 Y Cr CB 48 182 109 [30 b6 6d ]
[000000d1] Color 11 Y Cr CB 79 81 91 [4f 51 5b ]
[000000d5] Color 12 Y Cr CB 28 119 182 [1c 77 b6 ]
[000000d9] Color 13 Y Cr CB 97 207 207 [61 cf cf ]
[000000dd] Color 14 Y Cr CB 136 179 58 [88 b3 3a ]
[000000e1] Color 15 Y Cr CB 217 128 127 [d9 80 7f ]

But there are no default values existing, that match with each DVD.
So to get the right colors for your sub-titles you need to copy the correct values of the original IFO file, to your new IfoEdit'ed IFO file.

23rd January 2010, 14:11
That makes a whole lotta sense. Thank you so much for the detailed and clear explanation. Wombler, thank you as well.

23rd January 2010, 14:41
Wait! That's annoying. Even if I select file set for the output type, it still only outputs the single, large VOB file. Is that because the output exceeds 9 GB? And if so, is there anyway to create a file set when combining DVDs that total over 9 GB? (I don't want to compress things.)

24th January 2010, 00:35
1) Glad to hear the subtitle colors and format problem is resolved ;>}

2) Why did you convert things to one .VOB (instead of 8 "normal" .VOBs plus a 9th "Jumbo .VOB) when you used DVD2One to join?

24th January 2010, 03:31
I have no clue how to do that. I choose a custom size and did 12,000 MB, since the combined parts were about 11,200 MB. After that, I just let it go and I got a giant VOB. I'm not sure how to do what you're suggesting. Also, I would like to do the file set thing that was suggested, but for whatever reason, it only outputs the one, giant VOB. Sorry, but I'm still confused.

24th January 2010, 11:01
Okay. I'm almost there, but not quite. I played around with the settings in DVD2one and I was able to output a combined file set. It works like a charm, too. I can watch the movie in its entirety with the proper subtitles, etc. However, I still can't manage to make an ISO file.

I tried making an ISO file directly with DVD2one, but I wasn't able to play the created file. I kept getting an incompatible region error. So, then, I created the file set in DVD2one and tried to use ImgBurn to create the ISO file. However, I got the same error.

I can't understand why I'm able to create a file set that works fine, but not an ISO image file. Anyway advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you all so much up to now, as well.

24th January 2010, 18:20
1) Why MUST you have an .ISO image file?

2) What software and procedures did you use to initially decrypt/rip your original DVDs?

2) In light of your difficulty in creating an .ISO image file, I'd suggest you go back to square one and re-rip your DVDs - perhaps using different software

25th January 2010, 12:03
1) Well, it's not like I have to HAVE an ISO file, but I'm basically doing this for a friend that's not the most computer-literate. They know how to mount ISO files into a virtual drive though, so that's what I was going for.

2) I used the newest trial version of DVDFab 6. I did a main movie rip of the two parts plus the one English audio track and the one set of English subtitles. I rip those into two, separate ISOs and mounted those onto separate virtual drives, in order to feed them into DVD2one for a seemless join.

3) Yeah, I suppose I could, but I don't see how that'll solve the problem.

I'll keep playing around and see what I can find. Thanks.

25th January 2010, 12:27
Yeah, I suppose I could, but I don't see how that'll solve the problem.It will once again allow you to have all your separate .VOBs as a starting point!

25th January 2010, 13:20
So, should I rip the two parts using DVDFab 6 again? And if so, should I rip them to ISOs, or file sets, or what do you recommend?

25th January 2010, 21:13
NOT to .ISO image files! You want to retain readily accessible .VOBs throughout the restructuring process...

26th January 2010, 15:38
Alright, I re-ripped the two parts using DVDFab 6 and I ripped them to file sets, instead of ISO files. After that, I loaded the two file sets into DVD2one for a seamless join. I then tried to output the results to an ISO file, but with the same, bad results. Is it even possible to create a DVD ISO that's over 9 GB? I'm really starting to wonder.

27th January 2010, 21:06
Sounds like you forgot to adjust/convert things so that you have only 9 .VOBs, including an OVERSIZED last .VOB...

29th January 2010, 06:53
No, that's what I did. I got a file set that has 8, 1 GB VOBs and one 2.5 GB or so VOB at the end. Still doesn't work.

29th January 2010, 08:34
I cannot fathom how/why you should have that problem now.

1) What are the names of EACH of the .VOBs?

2) Walk me through exactly what you are doing in DVD2One, including all settings, please.