View Full Version : subtitles showed from time to time..

28th January 2002, 18:29
I've already done SVCD (using DVD2SVCD 1.0.4 b2) with 2 audio streams and 2 switchable subtitles and it worked fine...

My problem now is that, with another film, (2 audio/1 subtitles), after selecting the subtitle,it do show up from time to time in the movie (some subtitles seems to be disappeared, but they are well extrracted on my PC)

what i have done wrong ? could it be due to the bitrate ? (i don't know how to choice the bitrate, except that i just know bigger it is better is the video quality).

Another question : is there a PC sofware witch can read a SVCD with showing selectable subtitles (this, to verify the result of the encoding)

Excuse for my bad english.. i hope it will be comprehensible..