View Full Version : ChangeFPS( ) - bug ?

28th January 2002, 15:50
When I use ChangeFPS(25) command in AVISynth for 23.976 source it produces same number of frames, shorter lenght: 1:24:59 from source of 1:28:36 . But it is only in VDub's file information.
In praxis it produces choppy movement what is expected by description and same time duration.
Actually information is same as when perform AssumeFPS() command, but it should be same duration as source and 4.2709 % more frames.

It looks for me as bug. Or I didn't correct understood how this command works ?

I write it after I worked on NTSC to PAL conversion. This wrong duration and framecount information confused me lot.
With AssumeFPS() command it worked well.

29th January 2002, 14:48
About the same here :
ChangeFps(25) on an 29.97 source, and the resulting movie is too long. It has black frames at the end.