View Full Version : Good Way to Rip Music Video DVDs?

17th December 2009, 20:43
I finally setup Tversity and am having fun playing with it through my PS3. I've got all my MP3s showing up and playlists. I want to add all my music videos from my DVDs and eventually I'll have some Blu-Ray Music Video Discs.

What's a good tool/process to rip music video dvds to my hard drive for streaming to my PS3 via Tversity? I assume MP4 format is the way to go.

Seems ideally something where I can stick the DVD in, it will recognize the resolution and audio track format of the videos and the album and track titles and just go through and rip each song (chapter) to a separate mp4 file with the correct title, artist info etc. Then I assume I can treat them just like my MP3 collection accept I get video along with the music!

Thanks in advance for any advice. I prefer a freeware but I'll spring for say up to $40 in tools if they are worth it! (Note I alread have DVDFab and DVDShrink but don't think that will do it)