View Full Version : Copying out of print Video

27th January 2002, 21:29
This was going to come up sooner or later so why not now.

Anybody had any experience with the Copy Guard removal products on the market for Videotape?

I have a lot of old Videos that are out of print and slowly disintegrating. I would like to archive them to DVD while they are still in reasonable condition.

Anyone have any suggestions? I have seen a Macrovision removal product on Ebay but have had no experience with it.


30th January 2002, 14:19
If you are refering to the MacroVision copy protection on original VHS tapes then look for a device calld Video Stabelizer. What it does is remove the extra signals created by it.
you might want to dub the matarial to DV and capture into the computer from the DV or use a TBC. This will solve you some probably coming audio sync problems.

30th January 2002, 15:46
There are usually ways of patching your capturing driver to make it disregard Macrovision.
Try altavista (http://www.altavista.com) or google (http://www.google.com) with search parameters like Macrovision removal patch <yourGraphicsCard>