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27th January 2002, 22:16
I'm having a hard time getting the subtitles from Star Wars Episode I. I've ripped the vobs with SmartRipper and am extracting the subtitles with VobSub. But no matter what I try, I always end up with the following result:

timestamp: 01:06:44:194, filepos: 000cea000
timestamp: 01:06:46:754, filepos: 000cee000
timestamp: 01:06:53:274, filepos: 000cef000
timestamp: 01:06:56:994, filepos: 000cf2000
timestamp: 00:00:00:955, filepos: 000cf6000
timestamp: 00:00:03:715, filepos: 000cfc000
timestamp: 00:00:06:115, filepos: 000d00000
timestamp: 00:00:09:075, filepos: 000d03800

As you can see everything is fine up to 1 hour and 6 minutes. Then with every language timestamps reset. To me this looks like some kind of transition in the video, but I can't find it anywhere in the movie itself.

I've tried to rip chapter by chapter, but to no avail. Subtitles ripped with vStrip produce the same result as well. I would try with SubRip but I'm afraid this would lead to the same thing (and I want all subtitles, not just one language).

When I open these files in SubResync they get mixed up completely, because it orders them from 00:00:00:000 to 01:06:56:994....

Anyone got any ideas on how to solve this?

28th January 2002, 04:25
Just change the idx file a bit like this:

timestamp: 01:06:56:994, filepos: 000cf2000
delay: 01:06:57:000
timestamp: 00:00:00:955, filepos: 000cf6000

After this you can open it in subresync and correct it as you wish.

28th January 2002, 07:33
Thanks, I'll try that.

28th January 2002, 08:58
I had no probs with Star War Episode 1. In fact the very first minutes of this movie are in different languages ( I don't recall now but at least 10 different). Smartripper gives you the possibility of choice (which one of the many versions you want to rip) and rip the movie with no probs. I made danish and norvegian and (on request) a foreign langugae too: no probs.
DVDdecrypter had probs with this (it was a very earlier version) and the same scene went on and on and on again. Maybe I should try the last version ( again just for the fun of it........