View Full Version : Usage of CPU in MeGUI

1st December 2009, 18:34
I have a few question's.
1. Have the megui a default function to use more than one core in the cpu or can I change somewhere the option, to use the maximal power of the cpu?
2. Is there a encoding program or can megui use the graphic card to encode video? (The program should use Avisynth)
3. When yes then which encoding program or how can I use it in megui?

1st December 2009, 19:02
i believe when decoding the video (d2v dgm dga) and making the avs, only one core is used, when encoding all the cores are used, as to the video card, no megui does not use that (as far as i know)

1st December 2009, 20:25
Thanks Carpo,
MeGUI doesn`t use the video card, like you said, but are there any other GUI's or program related with encoding (and have many options and use avs scripts) that can use this option?

1st December 2009, 21:19
The *NV tools by neuron2 use NVIDIA GPUs for decoding of MPEG-2/VC-1/AVC in Avisynth, and the license fee is very reasonable. This frees up more CPU time for encoding when frameserving with Avisynth.

x264 is multithreaded natively, and you can let it work automatically or set the number of threads. Avisynth is NOT natively multithreaded, but people have made multithreaded builds and functions available if you search.