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27th January 2002, 10:29
Is there a chance to add an option, which resize every video file to a specific resolition, e.g. 720x576. Then, I won't have to change subtitle font size every time, new video has a different resolution.

27th January 2002, 13:40
Well, do you have a fast yuy2 resizer source code? :) (which is a bit faster than Avisynth')

27th January 2002, 15:21
I think easier solution to this would be to use formula like


That way, the proportional font size would remain the same.

But my solution is to convert all subs to SSA :) - SSA implementation in DVobSub calculates font sizes this way... (and Avery Lee's rasterizer makes nicer pictures than standard TextOuts)

27th January 2002, 16:00
I know ssa is a solution and it looks nicer. But I offen watch movies on P2-300 and then ssa is not a good solution. Avery Lee's Subtitler is slow, movie plays choppy and I have problems with Polish characters using ssa. So I can only watch movies with standard text subtitles.

27th January 2002, 16:05
Ad speed: oh well.... no help for you :)

Ad language/characters: Just select correct font encoding in SSA (or type it in manually in NotePad) in styles:

Style: Dialog1,Arial,60,65535,65535,65535,-2147483640,-1,0,1,2,3,2,30,30,30,0,238

the last 238 means east-european encoding (win-1250) with i.e. polish chars

27th January 2002, 16:28
Just implemented Yusaku's idea about the relative font height.

(Btw, with the next version of subresync it will be easy to convert between formats and character sets :))