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17th October 2009, 22:27
I have a video of concert with soundboard sound and the audience recording from the same concert. I want to mix soundboard and audience sound together, but this recording don’t have the same length time. I know the audience sound I must slow down, but I can’t find what factor will be good.

Soundboard sound is from NTSC DVD with 29,97 fps, approx time of it is 1:48:56. Audience recording was recorded by DAT device, approx time of it is 1:50:30. They aren’t cut at the same moments.

Thanks for help.

I Hope that I choose good section on forum.

18th October 2009, 13:44
If the DAT was recorded with a profi gear (time code),
and it has a TC that is 29,97 DF
and your software/hardware understands TC (time code)*
then you have simply to set the delay.

if not you have to fix the thing by hand in the authoring software, or in an audio software.

*it means that you have to play the DAT and recapture it using the WordClock option activated.

18th October 2009, 14:19
But I have only wav files on computer, and i couldn't recapture it.

26th October 2009, 10:03
Try any authoring/video editiong software that allows you 2 audio tracks for one video track (most of them allow 1 original audio and 1 effects - use the DAT for effects track in this case).

As you may already know, the DVD audio has to be before decoded (from AC3 since it's a NTSC one).

29th October 2009, 22:56
I tried synchronizing it using Audition 1.5. I slow down DAT recording about 1%, but only some songs was synchronized. Probably problem is with different time code, about which you wrote 2 posts ago.

4th November 2009, 08:43
You're on your own, since nobody can tell you how to do it without having the files to have a look at them. Just keep trying various scenarios: stretch, squeeze, time-shift, framerate conversions etc. Mabye cut the WAVs into small pieces, who knows ...

5th November 2009, 13:09
If it's just the audience-track you're working with, it will be used for back-grond mostly won't it. Only aftre the song/preformance is finished the audience applaudes, and at that time the audionce-track will become foreground for a short while.

While a song is playing the audience-track will just barely be heard/noticed. You can cut/strectch/duplicate the track in those instances. Nobody will hear edits in the audience-track during those moments.
(Some "Concert" CD's actually use the same cheer/applaude almost every song ;) ).

You need to use a good multi-track audio-programm. Audition, Goldwave, even Soundforge has has MT these days. But the latter is by Sony, so you might want to use something else (but thats my priciple ... NO Sony !) And all of these aren't really cheap.

But the "something else" I mentioned can also be Audacity, wich is a open source audio editor. I haven't used it, but it seems to work for most people.

13th December 2009, 00:15
I synchronised it. I used Audition 1.5. I had cut concert for song and each song I stretched. But anyway thanks for all for yours help.