View Full Version : mkvmerge problem in XP X64

3rd October 2009, 18:43
As I found no answer to my problem (forum and google search) I have to assume that the problem is related to my system setup.

Windows XP x64
Besides that I don't know wich Information may be required...
AV Codecs Installed in addition to windows: all in 32bit Version: DivX,XVid and MJPeg.
As Filters/Splitters in addition to the codecs -> Haali's Splitter, WavPack and OggDSFilter + PowerDVD5 and WinOnCD5 may have brought with them.
But I am not sure if any of those relate to the problem, wich is:

MMG (v2.9.8 and v2.9.7, don't have any other to try) will not accept any file I add, be it mp3, mp4, wav, aac, etc. it allways returns a "file identification failed for <trackname>. Return Code -1". Playing those Files in regular (32bit) players like MPC (for mkv internal splitter deactivated), WMP, etc. is no problem at all, and even muxing via the mkv-muxer in megui is no problem (wich is calling mkvmerge as mmg would do, or am I wrong on that?). So I am really puzzled about this problem and have absolute no idea what may go wrong here.

6th October 2009, 15:24
Oh Boy - Problem solved.... and I feel like a Noob right now. Haven't considered that mmg is using the registry for its settings, so the link to mkvmerge in mmg was using an ages old pathname that wasn't there anymore (I know why I prefer ini files). But I also feel relieved that it was such a simple solution and not something like 64bit explore fails to send right file information to the wow64 layer %]