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26th January 2002, 04:54
Ok I am having a problem on some particular dvd's not all, but it seems whenever the # Vob/Cell ID: change, the subs go out of sync, and when i use subresync, itll fix the subs for that # Vob/Cell ID:
but the rest of the # Vob/Cell ID: subs are out of sync. any way to fix this.


26th January 2002, 14:45
Correct the beginning and the end of each vob/cell id section and it will be fine.

10th April 2009, 14:20
I've got the same problem.
I have to use VobSub when using AutoGK. (If you ask me, vobsub is a damn bad tool, almost every dvd subtitle goes out of sync when cells change. AutoGK should work with subrip.
I've tried, as said in the previous post, to correct the first and start time of each cell, but AutoGK seems to have a function that protects the idx files from changing, every time I change the idx files, they're back to the bad version again.
So is there any way to tell to dumb VobSub that it should not change timing when changing of cells?
Subrip NEVER has this problem.

10th April 2009, 14:22
I've got this problem too with almost every dvd.
I have to use VobSub because AutoGK still isn't using SubRip. Shame if you ask me, because SubRip never has problems when it comes to cell changing.
Is there any way to tell VobSub to not meddle with the timings when cell changes?
I can't correc the first and last time of each cell, beause AutoGK keeps changing the idx files back to the old bad version, even if you save the corrected idx files.
Please answer me!


10th April 2009, 14:24
Sorry, I didn't mean to post my question twice. xD

Eric B
15th April 2009, 12:56
I do not know AutoGK, but check if you are ripping the correct angle! I had yesterday such a sync pb, and solved it by using "vobsub configure" directly (where I could choose the same angle as the video rip)

15th April 2009, 13:37
Yes, I'm ripping the right angle. VobSub is just a very bad tool, but AutoGK needs it, so...

22nd April 2009, 21:03
Problem solved: I had to swtich to IFO mode and select "select main movie pgc". The problem was that I was ripping the complete vobs.