View Full Version : How to make AVCHD out of a BD9?

7th September 2009, 13:54
Perhaps this is the wrong forum, but I think it fits into authoring.

I have authored a BluRay with Adobe Encore. Since it is only 6.5GB (clips from a bachelors party, filmed in 720p), I wanted to burn the BD on DVD-DL media in order to save the expensive BD-Rs.
I did that, hoping that a BluRay will also play on that media. But my PS3 say no. It shows a data disc.

Then I ran AVCHDme and it corrected some names. But it still does not show as AVCHD on my PS3.

What can I do? I though of remuxing with TSMuxer, but the BD9 has 34 clips (Encore did unfortunately put it out this way, though they were all in one timeline).

7th September 2009, 16:23
The easiest way is to use goBD or some avchd patcher... it will make it playable in your PS3... or you can import the BDMV folder in multiAVCHD and get it to PS3 avchd in seconds (with menu if you like).

7th September 2009, 18:47
Hi Dean! Yes, good advice. I tried your tool once and it went fine. Perhaps I'll do it this way. Seems to easier than anything else.

9th September 2009, 22:40
I tried it out meanwhile. It sort of worked. The BDMV folder was imported correctly and it showed all titles, but in the final output the first title was missing. I think I should import the video clips and make the AVCHD out of them. Will be better.

15th October 2009, 22:57
I resolve the problem using AVCHD-Patcher: