View Full Version : how to insert permanent subtitles on an AVI?

24th January 2002, 23:26
I made a rip of "bedazzled" and ran into some problems with the subs(subs are displayed correctly for 30 minutes +/-, than they disappear)
so i decided (not knowing if that could be done :-P) to create the avi and add the subtitles later.
so can you guys tell me how to do that? i allready have the 3 files created in nandub using vobsub filter. and also is there an quick way of doing that without encoding the whole shit again?????

thank you alreadym just for ready this!


25th January 2002, 09:19
Just use the Submux program that comes with Vobsub. However if you try to use it in combination with Nandub muxing anything then it won't work, coz Nandub will mess up your file. Nandub is really good at messing up files :(

Did you check in the .idx file if the timecode for your subtitles are correct? If they only go to about 30 mins that would expain why the subtitles stopped after a while.

25th January 2002, 11:19
Why would you put them into .avi. If you have three subtitles
files already ripped (.ifo,.idx.,.sub) just leave them separatly and
rename them the way your .avi is. Vobsub will display them into Media
player (of course if they're correctly ripped)


25th January 2002, 14:41
Well, that's my prefered method too. I hate burnt-in/muxed subtitles.

14th February 2002, 10:12
Hi, i have read your post, and i have a question.
I have an already encoded avi file, and the 3 subtitles files that i riped from the dvd. I want to burn in the subtitles in the avi (well, i like it that way;), but submux only accepts srt subtitle files.
The 3 files created by subrip are .ifo, .idx and .sub (i am still using version 2.06 that came with Gnot)
Can anyone give me a hand in this?


P.S. I just read a post where it is said that i maybe get in trouble when trying to join the subtitles with an avi that has VBR mp3.
But i still have the avi file without the audio, so i could try muxing with that one, right?
I read also another post about some guy that is trying to mux an srt file created by subrip.:confused: My riped subtitle files were, like i said above, .ifo, .idx and .sub (i now that vobsub 2.08 > doesn't use the .ifo, but the other 2)

P.S. 2 I just found out that i can choose the subresync tab in Gnot, than open a .sub file, and then save it as .srt file.
That way i could then open this .srt file in submux and finally mux it with my avi.
Is this correct? I can't test this because i am at work ;)

14th February 2002, 15:55
I also want to burn in my .srt Subtitle file without encoding the whole avi File again. Is it possible? Someone know how I can do that?

Why burn them in? 'Cause lettin everyone know that this is my AVI-file :D


14th February 2002, 16:42
Well, if you already have an .srt file, i believe that you just have to open Submux, right click to choose your avi file, or drag to the big window the avi file, then do the same to the srt file, and choose mux.
The experts must confirm this.

The problem is if you don't have an srt file. I must try the subresync method to see if i can convert my sub file to srt.
If anyone can help me in this matter, i would be very grateful.

14th February 2002, 17:02
whre can I get submux? It is not he commandline Program to mux sub and mpeg?

14th February 2002, 17:49
See my response in your thread.

14th February 2002, 22:59
I found out that, contrary to what i was expecting, i can't choose the subresync tab in Gnot, than open a .sub file, and then save it as .srt file. :(
Does anyone knows out to burn already riped subtitle files (.ifo, .ndx, .sub) with an already existing AVI??
The avi has no audio, so no problems with VBR mp3.

Thanks again