View Full Version : SMI subtitles and background, easy pls help

24th January 2002, 08:02
Hello there!

I am a big anime fan but I have a problem: most anime has english subs overimpressed in the divx avis.

Now, I get to download subs in my own language on SMI format and use them with VOBdirect and WMP. The thing is that behind my "added subs" I have the previous ones and THEY BOTHER.

Do you know of any SMI plugin for WMP that can put a "black line" behind the subs you are adding so as to cover anything behing?


PS: any program that plays divx files with smi and has that capability will do.

24th January 2002, 08:21

25th January 2002, 05:28
THANK YOU SO MUCH. short and accurate answer.