View Full Version : NTSC encoding for minidvd

24th January 2002, 02:22
I have almost alway encoded PAL DVDs.

But now I have tried a NTSC DVD. I use xmpeg 4.2a and cce sp 2.62.

I load the vob files into xmpeg. It says NTSC framrate is 29.97 and film is 23.976? Why is there two? XMPEG then sets the framrate to 23.976 automatically. I have encoded ntsc movies twice now. I have always forced it to 29.97.

PAL is only 25 alway. Why is there two for NTSC (29.97 and 23.976)?

What should i really use for making an NTSC minidvd 29.97 or 23.976)?

When I have used 29.97 the output will be a little strange. It seems as if it stops for a couple of ms and then goes again. You can hardly see this but you notice it. This goes on all the time.

Any help would be great...

What is this timecode thing in cce? Mine says 01:00:00:00. I read somewhere that I should change this to 00:00:00:00? Is that correct? And in case does it both go for PAL and NTSC?

Thanks for any help you can provide.