View Full Version : Need advice for converting Camcorder video to DVD

28th May 2009, 04:09
Hey all,

I am in a pickle and hope I posted this in the right place.

I have a Sony HDR-HC3 Hd DV camcorder and film football games for my son's team. I own Pinnacle Studio 12 and have been making DVDs for a while, but am not too happy with the quality. Comparing the raw M2V files with the final product is pathetic to say the least.

Right now I have a 23 min file I want to get on DVD with the highest quality I can, but Pinnacle limits me to set bitrates for standard DVDs which ends up only using 1.43 gig of the DVD. I do not need to put on a bunch of menus and such, maybe just a main to push play, but want a high quality DVD.

I have searched on here a bit but not found exactly what I need yet. I will keep looking and check back here for advice.

thanks a lot,


28th May 2009, 10:09
The maximum bitrate allowed on DVD video is 9.8Mbps. Pinnacle is getting close enough to this maximum. It can't use any more of the disc without creating something that's incompatible with all DVD players!

A better MPEG-2 encoder, and some pre-processing, might help.