View Full Version : problems muxing .264 (x264) -> .mkv

11th April 2009, 15:39
Hello fellas. I've done tons of muxes of x264 video inside .mp4 container with various audio types with no problems.

Recently I started to use x264 CLI, which produces "raw" .264 files. When I pu those files in mkvmerge GUI, it complains that I need to specify and FPS, and I do so. Than I add audio, and mux it into .mkv.
The resulting file simply either not playing at all, or playing only audio. The .264 file plays fine (in mplayer), and audio is fine too.
when I look at the resulting .mkv in mediainfo.exe - it looks ok (audio +video+container)
What could be the problem?

11th April 2009, 15:51
X264 CLI can write mkv's as well. Make's it a lot easier.

12th April 2009, 13:48
Thanks for a nice tip. didn't know that. After you told me i saw this option in x264.exe --longhelp description.

But my original problem was that mkv toolnix was very old (2.0.0). I've updated to 2.6.0 and not it works too. :)