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31st March 2009, 00:18
HI all,

Here's what I want to do: Backup DVD content *including* menu navigation and subtitles. I want to take advantage of smaller file sizes of H.264 while preserving 5.1 AC3 audio (AVCHD). I want to be able to playback the content on my PS3. I'm using a Windows OS.

I currently use DVDDecrpter/DVD43 or DVDFab to rip the DVD contents to my Windows system.

The next step in my main question, how to I convert the DVD with menus and subtitles into a compressed (H.264) format while preserving menus and subtitles. Or how can I create my own menus for navigation between different files.

What container does the AVCHD need to go in for use on the PS3?

For an individual file it seems like I could use Handbrake to MKV (with H.264 and AC3) then MkV2VOB to get a playable file. But how do I do this for an entire DVD and keep the menus?

31st March 2009, 00:24
1) Rip your DVD to HDD
2) Convert subtitles to .srt (SubRip or something like that)
3) encode to .bluray with ripbot264
4) import .bluray folders into multiAVCHD
5) Burn on DVD/Blu-ray Disc

31st March 2009, 09:18
I think he needs to keep the original DVD menus, which can't happen, no matter what programs he'll use.

It is still too early for DVD2BD/AVCHD backup programs to appear on the scene.

31st March 2009, 21:44
Actually these suggestions do help a lot. The menu navigation I want is really for a Series of TV show episodes and extra content. It looks like multiAVCHD will allow me to do this for the video clips at least - I care more about that, then the static DVD menu pages. I'm willing to trade the H.264 encoding of the video and AC-3 audio and subtitles for loss of the static DVD menu content.

multiAVCHD seems to solve the problem of being able to put my re-encoded AVCHD content into a menu interface (even if I can't automatically convert the original DVD menus or, I'm guessing, handle multiple layers of menus e.g. TopMenu->Extras->Bloopers)

A follow on question. Can I put multiple "multiAVCHD" generated images (i.e. an image for each tv series) on a single USB hard drive and launch the content for each through the PS3? Will it appear on the PS3 XMB as some sort of collection of "fake bluerays"?

i.e. in the XMB if I have two "multiAVCHD" generated images (one for say Highlander and one for say The X-Files" will it appear as two entries on the XMB "Highlander" and "X-Files" where if I launch them, it will bring up the "multiAVCHD" generated menu to choose which individual episode I want?

31st March 2009, 22:00
No. You can have only one AVCHD folder (that will auto-show when you select the drive in XMB) per external drive (1 DVD/BD, 4 x USB (if you have 4 usb drives)). You can't have multiple AVCHDs in XMB but you can have multiple videos in one AVCHD, which is what multiAVCHD allows you to do.

So you can simply add a "season" of your TV show to a single AVCHD compilation/folder and watch it. Or you can add 2-3 seasons in one multiAVCHD folder and you will be able to watch them in PS3. Later (if you decide) you can remove/add episodes with multiAVCHD.

What you may really need is AVCHD Manager (http://forum.doom9.org/showthread.php?t=143920). It will help you select which AVCHD folder will be the 'default' one when you plug-in your external USB drive. It allows you to have (for example) four AVCHD folders on your USB HDD, and switch between them. For example you can have "Season_1", "Season_2", "Season_3" ROOT folders on your USB hard-disk-drive and AVCHD Manager will let you choose which one will be 'visible' (default/identified) in Playstation3.

31st March 2009, 23:51
Dang, and I'm guessing the PS3 can't deal with multiple partitions on a USB hard drive (for example four partitions on the same USB hard drive).

AVCHD Manager sounds like it can be used as a workaround, provided I don't mind unplugging the USB drive, lugging it to a computer to change what I want to watch, then lugging it back to the PS3.

Is it possible (I know it's not supported now) for multiAVCHD to have nested menus down the road? (All content could still exist in a single AVCHD folder)

i.e. I have my main multiAVCHD menu (the thing that we launch from the XMB), which displays a menu that simply lists all the different "Sets" of content e.g. "X-Files", "Highlander", "House" and if one of those "Sets" is selected it could bring up a second menu with the individual episodes of each series?

31st March 2009, 23:53
I never thought of it, but it is a good idea. Not possible right now, but may be in some of the next versions.

1st April 2009, 02:33
One last question, if I wanted to go the route of streaming over a gigabit network, is there a suggestion on what streaming software would do the best job with AVCHD content (i.e. no transcoding, seemless fastfwd and rewind)?
Can subtitles work over streaming? Can the multAVCHD menu work over streaming?

1st April 2009, 08:46
No, you can't stream AVCHD/BD format/structure. You can only stream its files (m2ts) but then you may loose subtitles/menus/HD audio.

3rd April 2009, 00:14
I converted one show from my TV Show Series (SD) DVD into a AVCHD (using RipBot264), If I copy just the M2TS file to the PS3 it plays it upscaled/pillarboxed in High Def 1080i (just like the DVD), however if I play it as an AVCHD (on a USB drive) it plays it in 408i/p

Is this normal? Is it related to the thing NC thing you reference or is it some setting in the AVCHD files that RipBot264 generated?

3rd April 2009, 00:17
PS3 will play all videos (in AVCHD/Bluray mode) with pixel height < 584 in 480p (unless it is 720x576i@50fps). Also PS3 seems to follow AR in XMB but not in AVCHD (at least with the knowledge we've gathered - soon it may change).

It will however play almost anything via XMB, so if you don't need subtitles or HD audio you can use the XMB player and not use AVCHD/BD because PS3 uses completely different player when detects such content.

3rd April 2009, 10:40
When I play dvds, avchds, and standalone m2ts (or streamed m2ts from ps3 media server) all encoded with 5.1 AC-3 audio if I turn on the display option on the PS3 playback I see it says its 5.1 audio. My receiver shows PCM MultiChannel over HDMI.

I'm trying to understand your comment about HD Audio when using the XMB Player for standalone m2ts files). It looks like it is playing HD Audio (and upscaled HD Video), but maybe I'm misunderstanding.

3rd April 2009, 11:11
DD 5.1 AC3 or DTS are not HD audio.

DD TrueHD and DTS-MA/HRA/HD are HD audio formats. You won't be able to play/hear audio if you stream HD audio in m2ts.

3rd April 2009, 19:53
Thanks, that's what I was missing. I haven't been encoding anything with TrueHD yet (although my receiver does support it).

So depending on the source would the following be the best way to do store things (for PS3 playback)?

If source has TrueHD audio available store in an AVCHD?
Else If source has AC-3 5.1 audio available store in a M2TS (streamable) or AVCHD?
Else If source has only 2 channel audio available store in a MP4 (streamable)?

3rd April 2009, 23:31
Yes :) Of course - no subtitles except when in AVCHD (or DivX).

5th April 2009, 02:54
OK so is the following accurate / the best approach (for the PS3):

If your video has TrueHD audio with or without subtitles, then use AVCHD - (it's not possible to stream TrueHD yet right?)
Else If your video has 5.1 AC-3 audio with selectable subtitles, use DivX (streamable) or AVCHD
Else If your video has 5.1 AC-3 audio without subtutles, use DivX (streamable) or M2TS (streamable) or AVCHD
Else If your video has 2 channel audio with selectable subtitles, use DivX (streamable)
Else If your video has 2 channel audio without subtitles, use DivX (streamable) or MP4

What's the difference in video codec for h.264 in AVCHD/M2TS/MP4 vs DivX? Is there a reason to prefer AVCHD/M2TS/MP4 to DivX?

5th April 2009, 08:38
Both h.264 and DivX are part of Mpeg4-10 standard, but there huge differences between both, compression/bitrate/quality wise.

I didn't say I have preference to AVC (h.264) over DivX - it all depends on your video source and your will to recompress/reencode the whole material.

If you have a AVCHD camera or DVR recorder that use h.264 you'll probably won't convert the material to DivX. On the other hand - if you have a lot of DivX sources - than there's no need to convert them to h.264.

In the end - it all depends on what player you are/will be using. If you have a PS3 - then you can use both at any time.

5th April 2009, 11:44
If the source material is MPEG-2 (DVD or Tivo recordings) is there a consensus on which of the two video codecs (h.264 or DivX) gives a better quality for its file size (assuming we can ignore the time it takes to encode). Assume target file size is half of the original MPEG2.

I've never encoded with DivX, for H.264 I've been using 2-pass Average Bit Rate of 2500 which seems to give pretty good results.

I know "better" is subjective, I'm just looking for an opinion based on experience (since I have very little).

5th April 2009, 11:50
I'm no encoding expert, but I think x264 encoder could provide much better compression and quality than DivX/XviD encoders.