View Full Version : Loading an avisynth script in TMPGEnc Express 4.0

16th March 2009, 23:52
Hi Guys

I've done this before and got it to successfully work but this time round I'm getting no joy. I have an mkv with subtitles which I need to convert to wmv using TMPGEnc Express 4.0. I've extracted the mkv.

To get subtitles in TMPGEnc you have to load them using an avisynth script, here's what I have in the avs file:


Video and audio loads but when previewing the video it's just a green screen throughout, audio is playing in the background fine. If I remove the textsub line of the script then the video loads and previews fine. So it seems that loading the subtitles in the avisynth script is what's causing the video to mess up.

I've also tried just loading the .h264 video stream and the h264 video stream muxed into a .ts file in the avisynth script. TMPGEnc always reports the video stream as incorrect though when loading the h264, with a TS I get the same green video problem when loading the subtitles as well. Any ideas guys?


17th March 2009, 00:29
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