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3rd March 2009, 18:37
i try to encode the sound to 5.1 with megui and i can't :mad:
he gives me error after 2 minutes..this happened + with x264 +with ac3...what to do??

3rd March 2009, 19:03
i try to encode the sound to 5.1 with megui and i can't :mad:
he gives me error after 2 minutes..this happened + with x264 +with ac3...what to do??

Well with the very limited information that you provided I'll just have to guess. Are you feeding megui an avs script for the audio? If so, make sure audio=true.

3rd March 2009, 19:21
he gives me error What is the error MEGUI gives you?

3rd March 2009, 21:11
stop to encode the sound, and says ERROR
and don't encode..


the error:

what to do now?
i have update all megui files,i have do the AVS script for video encode,i have change a lot of sizes,i change by NeroAAC to Ac3 but nothing happends...what to do?please help!:thanks:

3rd March 2009, 21:14
Go to the log screen and see what the error is. Have you downloaded Nero AAC as it's not included with MeGUI?

3rd March 2009, 22:23

Why are you obscuring the filenames?

4th March 2009, 01:47
Use BeHappy instead MeGUI to transcode audio.

With your settings my MeGUI crash without errors or logs.

You can try without Normalize, some Sox functions used to upmix don't support the two pass method needed for Normalize.

4th March 2009, 14:07
error log:
[Error] Log
-[Information] Versions
--[NoImage] MeGUI Version :
--[NoImage] OS : Windows XP Professional x86 SP2 (5.1.131072.2600)
--[NoImage] Framework used : 2.0 (2.0.50727.832)
-[Information] Hardware
--[NoImage] CPU
-[Information] AutoEncode job generation log
-[Information] AutoEncode job generation log
--[NoImage] Projected Bitrate : 2520kbps
--[NoImage] Split Size : null
--[Information] Eliminating duplicate filenames
---[NoImage] Video output file: C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Desktop\720p\BC REENC.264
---[NoImage] Muxed output file: C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Desktop\720p\BC REENC-muxed.mkv
---[NoImage] Encodable audio stream 0: C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Desktop\720p\Butch..Cassidy.and.the.Sundance.Kid.1969.DTheater.720p.x264-iLL.ac3
-[Error] Log for job1 (audio, Butch..Cassidy.and.the.Sundance.Kid.1969.DTheater.720p.x264-iLL.mkv -> Butch..Cassidy.and.the.Sundance.Kid.1969.DTheater.720p.x264-iLL.ac3)
--[Information] [3/4/2009 3:03:31 PM] Started handling job
--[Information] [3/4/2009 3:03:31 PM] Preprocessing
--[NoImage] Avisynth script
---[NoImage] DirectShowSource("C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Desktop\720p\Butch..Cassidy.and.the.Sundance.Kid.1969.DTheater.720p.x264-iLL.mkv", video=false)
---[NoImage] EnsureVBRMP3Sync()
---[NoImage] 2==Audiochannels(last)?x_upmixCe4b5bf1c5160464680d769fa1f5aceae(last):last
---[NoImage] Normalize()
---[NoImage] return last
---[NoImage] function x_upmixCe4b5bf1c5160464680d769fa1f5aceae(clip stereo)
---[NoImage] {
---[NoImage] left = stereo.GetLeftChannel()
---[NoImage] right = stereo.GetRightChannel()
---[NoImage] fl = mixaudio(left.soxfilter("filter 0-24000"),right.soxfilter("filter 0-24000"),0.6,-0.5)
---[NoImage] fr = mixaudio(right.soxfilter("filter 0-24000"),left.soxfilter("filter 0-24000"),0.6,-0.5)
---[NoImage] cc = ConvertToMono(stereo).SoxFilter("filter 625-24000")
---[NoImage] lfe = ConvertToMono(stereo).SoxFilter("lowpass 100","vol -0.5")
---[NoImage] sl = mixaudio(left.soxfilter("filter 0-24000"),right.soxfilter("filter 0-24000"),0.5,-0.4)
---[NoImage] sr = mixaudio(right.soxfilter("filter 0-24000"),left.soxfilter("filter 0-24000"),0.5,-0.4)
---[NoImage] sl = DelayAudio(sl,0.02)
---[NoImage] sr = DelayAudio(sr,0.02)
---[NoImage] return MergeChannels(fl,fr,cc,lfe,sl,sr)
---[NoImage] }
--[NoImage] Commandline used: -readtoeof 1 -b 288 - "{0}"
--[Information] [3/4/2009 3:03:32 PM] Encoding started
--[Information] [3/4/2009 3:03:32 PM] Encode thread started
--[Information] [3/4/2009 3:03:32 PM] Avisynth script environment opened
--[Error] An error occurred
---[NoImage] Exception message: Script error: there is no function named "soxfilter"
---[NoImage] Stacktrace
----[NoImage] at MeGUI.AviSynthClip..ctor(String func, String arg, AviSynthColorspace forceColorspace, AviSynthScriptEnvironment env)
----[NoImage] at MeGUI.AviSynthAudioEncoder.encode()
---[NoImage] Inner exception: null
--[Information] [3/4/2009 3:03:32 PM] Job completed

what to do please help i can't mess out with BeHappy...

4th March 2009, 14:48
---[NoImage] DirectShowSource("C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Desktop\720p\Butch..Cassidy.and.the.Sundance.Kid.1969.DTheater.720p.x264-iLL.mkv", video=false) Closed for rule 6 violation.