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21st January 2002, 13:12

Apolgies in advance if this has aleady been raised in this forum

Can anyone advise me on the best capture card to get...I dont't really want one of the combined 3D ones, but a decicated capture card as I don't want to have to dump my GeForce3...

Any sugestions


22nd January 2002, 00:59
I have a Dazzle DVC II; it was a pain in the $$$ to install,
but now that it's installed, it works great; MPEG2 capture
in real-time, and it looks pretty good with no dropped frames
that I can tell; i've seen reports that MPEG1 capture is not
as good, but you can always re-encode if needed.

The DVCII is not related to the video card; both stay in.

22nd January 2002, 13:00
So what's the general idea with capture cards? Our video camera has, what i thought was a standard output, 2 phono plugs for stereo sound, and 1 phono plug for the video, but when we try to shove it into videos and tvs in this country. most don't have inputs for those connections. Will this apply to capture cards too? will i need to get an adapter or is there some connection standard that will fit one or other standard video output plug format?

22nd January 2002, 17:55
The output on your camera is a composite video connector. You can plug this into most TVs and VCRs by using a SCART adapter, which is widely available and not very expensive.

Most capture cards have this kind of connector, too, and/or a s-video connection.