View Full Version : how do I decode WM8 Files?

21st January 2002, 12:42

I got 2 WMV-files, which I want to decode to AVI or MPEG.

any idea how to do this ? :confused:

ProfDrMorph and I were trying to decode this through Graphedit,
but the result was not that good...


21st January 2002, 13:04
What do you mean by not so good? Decoding with a directshow reader (i.e. Graphedit or Avisynth) is the only way you can get the video or audio out of a WM7/WM8 stream.

Perhaps you could try adding the postprocessor to the graph (was it blockier than you expected?). Or just try doing the video through Avisynth, which should be using the default postprocessor setting.


21st January 2002, 16:40
well with which programm do I use avisynth?

I don't know anythi about avisynth...

21st January 2002, 19:07
Bio I know how to use AviSynth. You have to write a simple script. When I come to copy the captured files to my HD I'll show you how to do this.

Our problem with GraphEdit was that the resulting AVI file was MUCH shorter than the source .wmv. Maybe the reason for this were the many frames that were dropped by the WM8 encoder due to the low bitrate we used when we did the test.

22nd January 2002, 20:16
the shortness of the file was caused by changing the framerate...

the original fps was about 25 but we tried to do this with 30.

ok I'll wait then :)