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3rd January 2009, 13:45
Hi to everyone.
I'm a DVD-RB user and I have two different folders where to store the processed files.
One is called DVDRB_WORK and another is called DVDRB_FINISHED.
Right, it's nothing wrong about that but when I first installed the program I had a info txt file inside the working folder that I have accidentally deleted. :p
Could someone to post me it so I can copy it back?

Thanks for the help.

3rd January 2009, 15:37
You don't actually need it.

All it says when you open it is 'On this folder you'll get the process files'.

I can send you it if you like though. :)


3rd January 2009, 15:55
Hi Wombler, thanks for your reply :)
I know that it is good for nothing but I accidentally deleted from the PC of a friend of mine and he blame me about that fact.
So, if you can sand it to me, otherwise I'll just copy and past by myself the text you wrote and I'll save it using a notepad.
It's just a silly story... you know!

Bye and many thanks for your help.

3rd January 2009, 16:19
Tell your friend that the author of DVD-RB says it is a useless file that is put there by the installer just to let you know why the directory is there. I would suggest you put this in it:

"This is a useless file. But it is here now."

3rd January 2009, 16:22
Hi jdobbs...you're 100% right about that story and it's what I'll tell him right now. ;)

Bye and many thanks again to both of you.