View Full Version : x264 bitrate for dvdrip ?

12th December 2008, 20:18
Hi everybody,

I'd like to rip one of my DVDs and I have planned to use x264-mkv to do this. I'm new to this codec and I was just wondering if someone could tell me how to set the bitrate in order to :

-get a rip with the same quality as a classic XviD would have.(around 1200 of bitrate or something near)

-get a rip with lossless quality (I assume it's possible since h264 is much more advanced than MPEG2, tell me if I'm wrong).

And should I use Main profile or High profile ?

I thank you in advance.

12th December 2008, 20:30
Take a look at the presets by sharktooth:

12th December 2008, 20:34
XviD q2 quality --> x264 with --crf 18.
Lossless quality --> x264 with --qp 0

12th December 2008, 21:39
Do be aware that lossless will be LARGER than the input MPEG-2.

If you do want perfect quality, then just remux the MPEG-2 and whatever audio / subtitle streams you're interested in.

I suggest starting with CRF mode (start with 20, and go down or up as necessary, higher numbers = lower quality), as it lets you simply select a quality level you're comfortable with, and the encoder will handle the rest. Bitrate does not equal quality :)


13th December 2008, 00:07
Thank you all, I'll give it a shot.