View Full Version : virtualdub rgb 4:4:4?

8th December 2008, 00:17
i need to make clips compatible with final cut pro. one
of the 'sequence' options of fcp is to use the 'none' option
for the compression scheme. in response to a question
about just what 'none' might mean, i received this response:

"None" is an 8 bit RGB codec (4:4;4), capable of carrying an alpha channel.

is there a way virtualdub or, maybe, avidemux can output in
this format such that i could get the file into fcp?


8th December 2008, 00:24
Try the Lagarith (http://lags.leetcode.net/codec.html) codec, in RGBA mode.

8th December 2008, 18:07
thanks HymnToLife.

i believe lagarith is a compression codec. also, it doesn't seem to
be available for the mac.


8th December 2008, 18:16
If you select no compression in vdub, it outputs uncompressed RGB32 - could you import this into FCP ?

8th December 2008, 18:46
MJPG at 100% quality would be my suggestion. It's RGB, and should look pretty durn good. Going between the VirtualDub / AviSynth world and the Final Cut Pro world isn't easy.

CineForm is the only really good solution I can think of..

Or uncompressed, if you're a real monster.


8th December 2008, 19:39
or just use AVFS over a fast network connection and transcode to ProRes or whatever you like

8th December 2008, 21:14
Hmm - interesting idea! I haven't tried AVFS - does it simply create a virtual drive of uncompressed frames?


9th December 2008, 02:49
thanks for the various responses so far.

poisondeathray, this hasn't worked in final cut when i tried it.
it's possible i haven't had settings correct in fcp to read the file
but i don't think that was it.

Blue_MiSfit, uncompressed is exactly what i'm trying to do. the
uncompressed i get from vdub doesn't seem accessible to fcp, though.
i've tried exporting a test file in each of the various (not in front of it
now, but something like 6 or 8) options that the vdub uncompressed
export presents. fcp seems to want yuv, although, the 'none'
compression option in fcp is supposed to be rgb 444. vdub lists an
rgb 888.

hanfrunz, i'm trying to avoid transcoding to the mac. these are to be
archived files at high res. i'm trying to have all of the transcoding
finished before i mount the drive (esata) in the mac as the transcode
takes so long. i don't want the mac tied up during that process (2k files).
the process i'm trying to accomplish is to transcode on an external
system so that i can have a file ready to go when i swap the drive from
the external transcoding box over to the mac for editing. hope that's

thanks again,