View Full Version : ***MAJOR BUG WITH AVI_IO*** Other users of this app please reply

19th January 2002, 23:34

I had originally posted this in the General Discussion forum. It was suggested I post this in the Capture forum for more replies. Sorry for the crosspost.

I have encountered a pretty serious bug with AVI_IO while doing some side by side comparisons with VirtualDub. It seems that it can not properly compress source files into Divx3 and 4. Instead of using the video bitrate you chose when doing a divx compress, it seems to default to a lower bitrate setting.

This has happened to me with both divx 3 and 4 with both real-time divx compression as well as 2-pass. I emailed the author and he said that he is aware of the problem but has no idea when an update will be released, if any.

For other AVIO_IO users, have you noticed this as well? I primariy use this app to capture from the source video using Huffyuv or MJPEG since it gives me much less frame drops that other apps (ie. VDub). However, if it has problems with the divx codec, my concern is that it may also have problems with other codecs such as Huffyuv and MJPEG and not provide the best captures.

Has anyone run into capture problems with AVIO_IO and Huffyuv? I was about to register the software for the $25 fee but I'm hesitant now. Please add your input.


19th January 2002, 23:49
Personally, I've never had problems with AVI_IO and Huffyuv/PICVideo MPJEG. However, there is at least one bug that could affect you if you need to use the fixed version of Huffyuv (most people don't.) Read the Development forum for more details.


20th January 2002, 18:23

I've been using AVI_IO to Huffyuv for the last 6 months on about 30 hours of 8mm home video and the only bug I've uncovered is the one I posted in the Developers forum (under my real name Mark Fredrickson).

When I first got into this project (I still have about 40 more hours of VHSC/VHS to go) I relied heavily on Cart/Luke's website and his vast knowledge. I also played alot with capturing directly to MPEG-2 and DivX, but decided that since I wanted the best possible DivX encoded videos, that 2-Pass DivX was needed and you cannot capture directly to that. I also wanted to capture 640x480 resolution. I discarded PicVideo since it was lossy. I'm now capturing to Huffyuv via AVI_IO. I have played with capturing using VirtualDub and EditStudio but on some videos, I had to adjust the audio, which was a PITA.

My only complaint with AVI_IO is the bug with heavy static videos. We have fixed that bug, but unfortunately, it introduced another bug with keeps me from being able to capture 2 hours of video even though I have plenty of disk space. If you want to know more, search the forums for anything under my real name.

Also, if you want to capture DV, AVI_IO is a PITA because it requires your DV camcorder to be in VCR mode before it will setup. I'm just now playing with my new DV camera and I like EditStudio a lot better.

But if you are going to capture analog and want real good audio sync, then AVI_IO and Huffyuv are your best bets. I just wish that Markus would be a bit more responsive to bugs, but I get the impression that we won't see much more out of him and AVI_IO. I'm going to send some mullah Avery's way and hope that he can fine tune his video/audio capture synchronization.

BTW, when you were doing your side-by-side comparisions with VirtualDub, how did the audio sync compare?