View Full Version : Problem with playing and decrypting Hancock Blu ray

6th November 2008, 13:22

I bought the Hancock blu ray, and Power DVD 7.3 cannot play it. The screen just stays dark. I had a similar problem with the Iron Man Blu Ray. It hang at a loading logo. I solved this with decrypting the movie with anydvd hd, and then demux and mux it back to blu ray with tsremux.
That doesnt work on hancock, because as I saw, there are many files in the stream folder, varying in size from several hundred kb, to the biggest file with 4.3 GB. so, how can I know in which files the movie is split into? how can I decrypt this now, to be able to play it.

or do you know a software player which is more compatible with newer Blu Ray Discs, and is still able to play HDDVDs, because I got some of those :)