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19th January 2002, 04:59
Does anyone know of a program that will let me edit a vob file. Basically i want to take the last ripped vob file and delete all of the credits and save it as a vob.

I have come across a few movies that would fit on a blank dvd disc if i could get rid of the credits.

19th January 2002, 22:48
I'd love to know this too.I've been trying to do it all day, but tmpgenc seems to not write out the ac3 audio, and vodsplit doesn't seem to give any indication of what frame you're editing!

what software to use?

20th January 2002, 00:15

After a lot of searching and trying, i found one that works..

It is called mpeg-vcr. You can import a vob and choose your start and end points.

Hope this helps!!;)

23rd January 2002, 05:36
I think mpeg-vcr recompresses. I tried it on a friends machine, and
the trimmed clip is larger than the original!

any other solutions?

23rd January 2002, 14:35
did u let it complete the operation? I notice is says while compliling its bigger, but when it finished it shaved 200megs off of mine. I still havent found anything else that edits vobs for size. I will keep looking. There has to be something out there:sly:

23rd January 2002, 15:38
is this what you would use derrow's VOBEdit app for?
haven't tried it yet.

25th January 2002, 00:45
What I will do is re-rip the last vob file while monitoring the folder size (including the other VOB files) and just stop ripping when 4.38 gig has been reached, thats it!!! Then process the files using Derrow's IfoEdit program!!!

27th January 2002, 16:20
if u stop the re-rip of the last vob when u reach a certain size, dont u lose the ending of the movie?

30th January 2002, 03:27

30th January 2002, 03:37
I rip only the credits...in fact, i have 3 dvd's with only credits on them.

So many fonts, layouts and scroll-speeds...


30th January 2002, 04:11
i wasnt referring to the credits, but the actual movie:p

be nice if they would release dual layer disc and recorders to the public...

1st February 2002, 18:19
This method was not intended for files combined are say.....6 Gig. This works well if you need to shave a little.

1st February 2002, 18:50
The best for this is vstrip!

Just load the last vob-file, and enter a start-lba and an end-lba, and let vstrip run.

After that you'll have your VOB without credits. Of course, first you must somehow check out, at what end-lba the credits start.