View Full Version : jumpy play after demuxing and muxing

18th January 2002, 19:27
have the movie part only (from Smartripper) on hard drive - the "original" vob's

experimenting with IfoEdit, Streamweaver, bbdmux, vstrip

When I play any of the "original" vob's in PowerDVD, these play fine

However when I demux out the video and the AC3 (no subtitles), and then remux the files without any further modification, the quality is jumpy when palyed in PowerDVD

To demux, I have been tried using all of vstrip, bbdmux, and the demuxer in DVD Wise 1.75

To mux, i have used muxer in DVD Wise 1.75 and Streamweaver 5.18

To demux and then remux seems simple, but I must be doing something wrong

Movies I have tried are Princess bride and a Rambo movie Region 1

BTW if i use Ifoedit to create a video/AC3 stream only, this works fine in PowerDVD - using the "VobExtra" feature

What am I doing wrong