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18th January 2002, 11:27
I have found "Fair Use", read the FAQ's and would like to get started......the question is....where.

I would like to be able to produce back-up copies of DVD's. I don't watch DVD's on my computer, only on stand alone DVD player.

I Have plenty of HD space, Plextor burner etc,loads of time and I want to learn.



18th January 2002, 11:45
Read all guides about Fair Use and GKnot you can find on Doom9 , and than come back and ask specific question.
After you read Doom9's guide you will be able to do you'r first movie.


18th January 2002, 15:12

Yeah, basically agree with the above post - read the guides *at the same time* that you do the whole process. It can seem quite to be quite a complex procedure at first, and ull prolly feel as tho ur really blundering about in the dark - but, trust me, once you've done five or so you'll be encoding in your sleep :).

Just a tip for your first couple of rips - read the guide very carefully - my first few times i got stuck because i didn't perform some steps, just basically me not reading the guide properly and missing doing something.

I recommend gordian knot for high quality results and ease-of-use. :)

10th February 2002, 01:16
The question is what you want to do. You said that you dont want to watch movies on the computer. as far as i know Divx with fairuse or gordianknot isnt the right choice for your work.

Gordianknot, I think is very good and fast, but a bit complicated for "the first time" If you want to use fairuse, also very good quality, but takes a lot of your time, try to run "nobrainz" This uses fairuse within and is much easier to handle than watching a pic with acdsee (no joke - just try it!!!)

The url:


have a nice day and read the guides of doom, they are the best ;)

10th February 2002, 16:29
Hi again,

You dont want to watch the backups on ur comp right ? You should be making a SVCD then i would think, sorry for the earlier reply!

DivX cannot be watched on a standalone player.

10th February 2002, 17:20
VCD's are also an option. www.vcdhelp.com