View Full Version : best way to intregrate subtitles into an auto run program?

17th January 2002, 11:51
I've found an auto-run program (cda) which i like quite a bit. However there's 2 problems 1 is it can't play mp3's (no relation to the topic) but.. that's not really the point ; the point is that I DON'T KNOW HOW TO make it run subtitles with the film. I'd like to be able just to click a button to different stuff... an example would b having 3 buttons: play film, play film w subs, install divx.

If any1 can help i'd b greatful


17th January 2002, 14:49
What program do you use for subtitles?
1)If you use MicroDVD you can make a MicroDVD ini (name it to someting.mvd so it will be registered to open with MicroDVD) and launch it instead of the avi to play the movie.
2)If you want to stick with WMP, one solution is to use DVobSub to show subtitles. Then you could put subtitles in a folder so that they won't be automatically recognised (anything but the same folder as the movie or subtitles), then create a bat. DVobSub recognises subtitles from folders mentioned above and from c:\subtitles (or in any other folder specified in windows register). Now, the bat that will play the movie with DVobSub subtitles in one click, would look something like this:

md c:\subtitles
copy sub\*.sub c:\subtitles
start /wait mplayer2.exe "movie.avi"
rd /s /q c:\subtitles

This will create c:\subtitles, copy every .sub file from folder sub to c:\subtitles, then play the movie.avi with WMP 6.4 and when WMP is closed, delete the c:\subtitles.

Then you just execute the bat from your autorun to view the movie with subtitles and execute the avi itself to view it without subtitles.

17th January 2002, 15:14
cool i wasn't sure which prog to use i'm not sure what this microdvd is all about (sounds like a dvdplayer to me though), i knew it was possible with vobsub but i didn't think you could do it like that; i thought u had 2 use graphedit. Is MicroDVD just 4 dvdplayback or can it b used 4 divx files 2 and are the microdvd formats supported in other players example like the microdvd subs and shit?

17th January 2002, 20:30
MicroDVD is not a DVD player, it is a avi player that includes features, which makes it possible to create very DVD-like DivX's. These features include multiple subtitles, multiple audio streams and avi menus. See http://www.tiasoft.de/, http://www.doom9.org/mdvdp_guide.htm and http://nickyguides.digital-digest.com/ (read everything under "Multimedia guides"). Although MicroDVD 1.3 is commercial, 1.2 is freeware and available in Doom9 download section.

There comes a utility to create ini-files with MicroDVD (that is explained in Doom9's guide linked above). However, MicroDVD Menu Maker is much better (downloadable at Doom9). And some things are still fastest to do with just a text editor.

You might want to see an old thread http://forum.doom9.org/showthread.php?s=&threadid=11684 and an example MicroDVD menu at http://koti.mbnet.fi/website/mdvdp/ created by AM Tiainen.

18th January 2002, 04:02
thanx man.. i'll try this prog out c if it's really good and stuff and then i might stick with it; but i'll msg ya if i got problems!