View Full Version : Windows XP and Morgan Stream Switcher

17th January 2002, 03:53
Does Morgan Stream Switcher work for anyone in WinXP (Pro)??????

17th January 2002, 08:37
For me it does.

17th January 2002, 09:08
Is there anything more to it than running the
installer? (There are no executables in the
installed directory for me...) To switch audio
tracks you right-click on the movie in WMP and
is there an extra item on the pop-up menu (I don't
get one, but I read that somewhere)?

I get absolutely nothing different after running
the installer and am not sure where to go from

Advice greatly appreciated.... :)

17th January 2002, 09:59
If the stream switcher is installed correctly, you will find an entry in file/properties. There you can switch the streams. or you right click on the movie window and in the language entry you should find 2 or more audio streams you can select off.

17th January 2002, 11:29
Hmmm. In file->properties, the Audio Codec is
listed as Morgan Stream Switcher, but there is
no place to switch audio, and no "Language"
selection when right-clicking on the movie. I'm
clueless, unless it has something to do with the
fact that I encoded not a full movie, but 3 chapters
of one (but otherwise, I don't think there is any
problem with the avi file itself).

Hmmmm.... well, thanks for your help in any case! ;>

17th January 2002, 13:55
are we talking about wmp 6.4, because you didn't mention which version you are using?

in the filter properties there is a button called 'switch'.

17th January 2002, 23:02
hey, how about that! I am using WMP8 cuz
that's what comes with XP. did you uninstall
and downgrade yours???

18th January 2002, 11:32
Hi all,

why do you use this crappy Microsoft Windows Media Player? There are so many much better players around, who are all capable of switching streams without any stream switchers or something like that... My favorite is ZoomPlayer.

What are your arguments for WMP?

Regards, fileman.

18th January 2002, 20:38
HA! I have NO investment in WMP!! :) I would
rather use something better, but my problem
is that none of these players can seem to
play my 2nd AC3 audio stream.

ZoomPlayer has been recommended to me a couple
times, but when playing my movie, I right click,
and there seems to be no place to switch streams
(I guess it would be under "Audio Track", but the
sub-menu that comes up only has one item, "Default
DirectSound Device", which isn't an audio track,
but an audio device in the first place.

Not to mention, it generates fatal errors and needs
to be shut down quite often, a tad bit more than WMP...

Is XP more unstable than w2k or what?

19th January 2002, 10:09
I uninstalled Morgan Stream Switcher and found
that it had been interfering with ZoomPlayer's
audio track switching mechanism - that problem
is solved.... ditch MSS and WMP!
But unfortunately, ZoomPlayer still seems to
crash A LOT for me in WinXP...