View Full Version : Listening to (multiple) AC3 audio tracks in WinXP

17th January 2002, 02:29
Not having good luck with AC3 and WinXP. :(

I encoded a DivX4 movie using GKnot, muxed in
two AC3 tracks, and have only been able to listen
to the first track in Windows Media Player.

I installed the audio filters for WMP and AC3 as
well as the Morgan Stream Switcher:


WMP generates critical errors (which it wants to
send a report for to Microsoft) upon shut-down,
which I can deal with, but the Morgan Stream
Switcher installation did NOTHING on my machine.
What gives???

So I tried PowerDivX 3.12 player, which turns out
to be quite buggy in XP (basically I can't even play
my movie).... I'm about to try yet another player,
but at this point am feeling desperate for some new

A thread describing this episode is also at:


THANKS in advance for ANY advice out there!!

18th January 2002, 13:23
... which works fine for me under WinXP! But I never tried with two AC3-tracks, only two MP3-tracks.

18th January 2002, 21:05
Hmmmm, ZoomPlayer is causing fatal errors on
XP for me; perhaps it is the AC3, but in any
case, when I can get it to play and not shut
down, I don't see where I can switch audio
tracks.... presumably it would be when I right-
click and select "Audio Tracks", but all that
comes up under it is "Default DirectSound Device",
which isn't an audio track, but a device! What

Do you have any tips?

Thanks!! :)

19th January 2002, 10:04
grrrr... the problem was that Morgan Stream Switcher
interferes with the audio track switching mechanism
in ZoomPlayer. Removed it and ZoomPlayer can see both
tracks, although it still crashes frequently in WinXP...
and those synch problems.... oh those synch problems,
they seem to vary on the computer's mood more than
the muxing parameters i use in nandub... grrrr :angry: