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16th January 2002, 19:46
Is this at all possible? I love Huffyuv, the video it captures is comparable to nothing (right?) and i like to take a lot fo video, making free lance videos and advertising. My question is, is there any way to either edit a camera's fireware so that it captures huffyuv, im talking about good cameras, ones capable of 60MB/s not standard DV (would huffyuv capture 700lines of resolution in 25MB/s?)

If this isnt possible, then what kind of HDs are semi portable and provide a 60MB/s wright speed (or whatevr is needed for 700 horizontal lines.) also, what is a HQ video cable. I think that the highest quality cord that can be hooked to a PC is an S-video cable, is this true? or are there better cards that will take studio cables.

Thanx for the info, at the very least, does anyone know of a non Scsi HD that will capture full rez huffyuv

one more thing, can huffyuv capture higher than 720x480 like 1024x968, ect? I want HD tv capture

18th January 2002, 04:36
DV videos are already compressed (5:1). When you capture DV's you really only 'copy' the already compressed video to your HD. You do not need to compress it using a codec such as Huffyuv (8:1), unless of course the differences between the compression ratios makes a difference, in which case you are better off upgrading your HD.

I've been through this since I've been capturing and encoding my 15 years of VHS home video and just bought a DV camcorder. I was confused at first, but thanks to this forum, I now understand the differences between analog and digital video captures.

BTW - search for Huffyuv and you'll see that there are some bugs with it, especially if you have lots of static in any portions of your videos.


18th January 2002, 16:22
i think that you misunderstood me, i dont want to capture with miniDV since it is a very lossy codec, i would rather bring along a laptop with a scsi attachment and capture HDtv resolution, im not talking consumer equipment here :)

If anyone is interested, I think i have found the solution. If any broadcast companies are looking for a inexpensive fix to the HDtv solution, i can put together a small bunch of equipment that will squeeze the extra power out of the studio cameras, i havent been able to get past the 25 pin adapter though, please reply if you know what the fastest harddrive speed is, i will be needing a sustained write speed of about 200,000k/s Thanx for your time people :D

18th January 2002, 19:53
DV is a lossy codec correct..but I don't think the format sucks..If so why would it get a rating of 9.0? score!
see this section
How good are the DV formats compared to other formats?

19th January 2002, 23:43
Crucio, are you saying that you have a professional camera that doesn't record in DV? If so, then you're correct in that you probably shouldn't capture with DV for the highest quality. Just make sure you read the specs of your camera because the vertical resolution is usually fixed (at least for most standard video devices it is).


1st February 2002, 22:17
ok, guys unfortunetly, any camera that uses miniDV is not broadcast capable

even the XL1S is in the Prosumer catagory, I would like to use like a betacam or at the very least, digital-s

1st February 2002, 22:19
minidv a raing of 9??? I dont even see it on there. DV, DVCAM, D-7 (DVCPRO), Digital8; are all very different than minidv

1st February 2002, 22:22
What i really want to know is if it is possible to capture video at a resolution higher than 800x600 and what hardware and software i would need to do that. Thankyou

2nd February 2002, 22:57
Originally posted by Crucio
minidv a raing of 9??? I dont even see it on there. DV, DVCAM, D-7 (DVCPRO), Digital8; are all very different than minidv

no it's not DV = miniDV

here's some quotes from that page
"the unit cost of Digital8 gear is kept very low, roughly half of what a comparable DV camcorder would cost"

"DV, originally known as DVC (Digital Video Cassette), uses a 1/4 inch (6.35mm) metal evaporate tape to record very high quality digital video. The video is sampled at the same rate as D-1, D-5, or Digital Betacam video -- 720 pixels per scanline -- although the color information is sampled at half the D-1 rate: 4:1:1 in 525-line (NTSC), and 4:2:0 in 625-line (PAL) formats."

so miniDV that we're speaking of is the consumer DV. My miniDV camcorder I purchased in 1996 and the quality looks awesome. I'm sure if I bought a newer one today it'd look even better.

2nd February 2002, 23:50
It strikes me if you stay in the Mini-DV format, i.e, capture, edit, and reprint to tape, things stay very good. Once you attempt to translate the format to something else like mpeg2 it goes to hell in a hurry. That is what makes it so damn frustrating for me.

I have often wondered if it would be advantageous to capture to an intermediate format if a format translation was desired, but I, like the original poster, could use some instruction on doing so or an opinion on whether this would even be possible (under XP).

Ask me just about anything to do with SVCD encoding...On capture I am a real nOOb :)

3rd February 2002, 22:35
u c, the reason i am so adamant about not usinf dv, is that it only captures at 525 lines of resoltion!!! I need something that is ATLEAST 720, and is progressive, as i would like to begin capturing video in HDTV, 720@24p. I would like to use huffyuv to do it. Im talking like the head of a camera connected to a computer utilizing huffyuv and a Medea video raid rtx http://www.medeaweb.com/flash2/CFML/Products/VideoRaidRTRX.cfm

Im talking like studio stuff here, and i would like to know if there is a video card that will capture over 800x600, preferably at a resolution of over 1280 x 720. :devil: its gonna be chibby!

4th February 2002, 01:57
I've heard film gets pretty good res..... :D

5th February 2002, 01:43
film gets like 2000x1300 or somewhere around there. I know the first number is 200 something :)