View Full Version : Multi Angles what is our problem?

16th January 2002, 06:40
Okay I'm seriously confused here, how is it not possible what so ever to strip just the movie and burn it if it has multiple angles? I can't understand this fact, I know people have got to have done it before and a lot of movies have this multi angle crap. Does no one have any idea, IfoEdit can't do it unless its the full movie, and I'd rather not destroy a video by watching a bunch of blocks skate around the screen b/c I stripped my 9 gig DVD down to 4.7gig with 6 hours of extras that will never get watched. DvdQuickbuilder is horrible after 3 hours of waiting for it to combine things, I get a DVD that is about as in sync as me holding up a boom box and pushing play to match the video, There has to be away for me to stip the movie off, chose the angle I want, and then one or all the audio sources then reauthor with whatever program regardless of that chapter crap, and have it play on a standalone. I really do not understand what is going on with Multi Angles why are they such a problem? guh, frustrated I'am.

16th January 2002, 11:27

I don't understand why quickbuilder didn't work. I actually have burned 3 movies using it. It should not have a synch problem because the VOB files is not even remux.

But anyway, Derrow has just released a new IFOEDIT 0.82 beta 2. This version can remove angle information on the IFO files. So, I guess you still have to remove the angle using smartripper and then remove the angle information using this version of IFOEDIT.

Try this link : http://mpucoder.kewlhair.com/Forum/viewtopic.php4?topic=75&forum=1&0

It has another link to the download site, but everytime I tried the link, I always receive an error : "Error - You must be signed in to access this page. Please go back and try again."... and I'm sure I already signed in... anybody can help?


16th January 2002, 14:36
I have used the .82b2 and tried to rip a single angle, and use the 'remove angle pointers' option in ifoedit. Tried with powerdvd and worked fine. However, burning to disk and playing with standalone was glitchy at best. What's even better in this new version is a choice to correct angle pointers. I ripped, in file mode, (all angles still in vob) and picked this option instead and worked flawlessly. My two cents.

16th January 2002, 15:31
I've coastered two DVD-R already on this damn movie, since my RW dosen't work in the DVD player and my last RW was fine on PowerDVD, when I used DVD quick builder I ripped the one angle into one big vob file and when I loaded it, it said that the file wasn't in VOB format? so I don't know what quickbuilders deal is on that. any suggestions?

16th January 2002, 19:01
Just this morning I was successful ripping Snow White with its multi angles, and just the movie. The new 0.82 beta2 version worked great in doing so. I used DVD Decrypter to make a copy of all of the files from the DVD. Then used ifoEdit 0.82b2 to strip out everything but the movie and checked everything on the right side of the box that has to do with angles. I have ran it in PowerDVD XP and it plays perfect. There's 2 extra chapters at the end that have nothing in them, which was strange, but they don't seem to take up any space. All the files together came out to less than 4GB. I have yet to receive my dvr-a03 yet so I cant test it in a standalone. So I'm pretty sure this will work for other movies that you would like to remove angles from JUST the movie, in order to make a copy of JUST the movie. Thanks again Derrow.