View Full Version : Howto convert bluray dumps to Sony PS3 ?

5th June 2008, 14:24
Hi there,

I have a .M2TS way too big (I dumped it from a BL disc).
Id' like to recode it (slow down vid & audio bitrates), as a M2TS or anything else the PS3 can read.

Right now, I've been able to extract one of the 2 video tracks and the audio one I needed with xport.exe. So I got a mpv and mpa files.
Then ?
Any idea ? I tried to recode with some mencoder frontends, but no one can do the job properly or merge the files.....

Questions :
1) is there a tool (linux or windows) to work directly on the M2TS file ? something like "select tracks, choose bitrates, fix ratio and so on automatically then start conversion"
2) is there something similar with mpv/mpa files ?
3) is there another way to do this ?

I have a Nero licence, but Recode can't open BL dumps, even with the correct nero BL plug-in.

Thank you, I couldn't find any thread about this



19th June 2008, 15:08
Anyone for this one ?
thank you