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15th January 2002, 16:49
My idea of the ultimate SVCD is one where I have dual audio and subs and chapters , thanks to submux,mplex and the wonderful vcdimager that is now possible (other tools in use subripper, besweet,dvd2avi and tmpgenc)

I rip with smartripper and manully select chapter for each cd (example 1-10 = cd1 , 2-20 CD2) I would be really sweet if smartripper had an option for splitting the rip by chapters based on the target 1 2 or 3 cds.Preferable as a switch in cmd mode as I want to make a method that is easy and simple. I don't like dvd2svcd as it has way to much options.

Also a working d2v file would be excelent as that would shave of one step needed (dvd2avi).

15th January 2002, 18:23
and then you'd have to put an advanced bitrate calculator into the program or it won't work. I don't think overloading a ripping prog with that kind of stuff is a good idea.. the ripper should be small and have clean code (especially smartripper isn't very good in that area.. ). Smart progs like dvd2svcd or gknot are the way to go.. they integrate a basic but well working ripper.

15th January 2002, 20:08

You better read again ...

I said I wanted to split in 1 2 or 3 parts as an parmater to the cmd line version.

Calc bitrate and soo on will of course depend on the desired target enviroment , numer of audio tracks and so on.

So read again and come up with a nice reply ;)

/DrKnowLittle (don't let my nick fool you)

16th January 2002, 04:12
Ouch! That was actually painfull to read.

I don't know if you intended it DrKnowLittle, but that post came across as incredibly condescending.

Also, I might suggest you look into either vStrip's or SmartRipper's 'split vob by chapter' options. Not exactly what you wished for, but it may suffice for your needs. For example, you could split the vobs into chapters all at once, then create dvd2avi projects for chapter files 1-10, 11-20, ...