View Full Version : A DVD with Chinese Subtitle.

15th January 2002, 14:08

How do I make a vcd with chinese subtitle out from a dvd with has chinese subtitle built in. I have ripped the dvd out into my harddrive.

Thanks in advance.

15th January 2002, 22:52
read the guides

16th January 2002, 08:28
I've read that I have to map the bitmap using Subrip to OCR into text file, then I activate the Chinese Software to enable me to key in the words. But this is tedious b'cos the Subrip unable to rip 100% properly as it chinese individual characters differs in size.

So I wondered whether there is any software that could take in the Bitmap saved by subrip program, and put into VirtualDub to frameserve into Tmpg.


16th January 2002, 09:45
Please use Flaskmpeg 0.6 with subtitle fix then start frameserver to Tmpgenc using Avisynth Plug-In 0.28b37

16th January 2002, 19:25
Or use VobSub in VirtualDub/NanDub step

17th January 2002, 22:15
I tried to add some OCR abilities to subresync for converting vobsub to textual formats, and it can already handle variable sized characters like asian or italic pretty well. If anybody thinks he has some wierd subtitles I could test, then I'd be happy to see it in my mailbox. Please do not send uncompressed or full-length subtitles, try to select and save only a few lines (in subresync of course :)).