View Full Version : Problem Playing Ripped DVD's !

15th January 2002, 03:43
I used ifoedit to rip out some vobs that i didn't need. Its was a dual movie (wide screen and full screen). The finished dvdr worked on my standalone player, pc dvdrom and playstation 2 but not in my portable dvd (toshiba). Let me explian....it starts up and go to the menu, all the features on the menu work expect the play movie button. when i press it the whole thing freezes. Can someone help me with this problem?

15th January 2002, 11:20
Yo, you get the DVD-R work in PS2 ?
That's great. How did you do that?

Have you used UDF v1.50 when burning ?

15th January 2002, 18:22
No I haven't used UDF 1.5, i just burn using udf 1.2. like i said a 1:1 backup of a dvd works fine in my portable dvd (toshiba) but when i use ifoedit to rip out full screen version of a movie it freezes when i press play but everything else works.

17th January 2002, 13:45
Hm, very strange effect.

Right now, I don't have any clue, what could cause this problem.
Strange is also the effect, that it only appears in one standalone player.

3rd February 2002, 23:37
Hi Derrow,

the Playstation plays DVD-R DVD-Rw and i have heard about DVD*RW.
It was my mistake i haved burned DVD Rips without getting the VTS sectors and it played on Ps2. I used your guide for instand CD/DVD.