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14th January 2002, 21:51
I've been doing subtitles for non-English movies using VobSub and "burning" them into the movie itself.

I know it's possible to make text subtitles and even use players like Media Player or MicroDVD to display the subtitles outside the cropped borders when dealing with a widescreen movie. I tried reading the guides on VobSub, DirectVobSub, and Subrip, but it all seemed very confusing. Is there a single, straightforward guide to doing subtitles that can be turned on and off (and preferably displayed outside the border of the movie)?


14th January 2002, 21:59
DVobSub can pad the picture with black borders ("extend to ..." in options).

14th January 2002, 22:48
You should type it in big red letters somewhere during installation :) :D ;) :p :cool:

This is like tenth time this month?

15th January 2002, 16:10
Actually, I did read all the previous posts and found that, and eventually did get that to work with a set of bitmaps subtitle files I had floating around. I managed with some difficulty to use subrip to make a set of textual subtitles, but there were so many errors in the output that it was going to take a very long time to correct them all by hand. Is this typical of subrip output, or am I doing something wrong? And if this is typical of subrip output, is there a better program for maxing text subtitles?

Appreciate the help.

15th January 2002, 16:49
The best way to use subrip is to use it on the .ifo file of your original DVD (after you decrypt it of course). It shouldn't make too many mistakes, unless you input wrong letters....

16th January 2002, 00:57
nope, unfortunately for some typefaces I was unable to go below about 1 error in 20 subtitles, no matter how I modified OCR settings. Yes, quite a lot of work, but that was at the time VobSub wasn't around, so I did it manually :(

SubRip really does not like italic serif fonts (output is gibberish); and with some sans-serif ones it is next to impossible to set dividing space correctly (where to insert space and where not to) (but this is most of the time solvable, as opposed to ^).

And nope, it does not matter on which VOB file you run subrip on - I prefer to run it on VobSub rips (rename .SUB to .VOB) - it is way faster and thus you can play with OCR more

16th January 2002, 15:54
The subtitles for the movie in question did happen to be italic, and my friend and I did think that might be part of the trouble. For movies with italic typefaces, is the best solution to just use subrip and take the extra time to really go over the output carefully? (Short of finding a convenient spot to download them from, which would probably be the easiest solution of all.)

17th January 2002, 14:56
Italic in subtitles is one of the most crude crimes agaist the mankind. No mercy will be shown if I ever find out whose brilliant idea ist is to use it;-)

However, to make proofreading ripped subtitles a bit less pain in the ass, just open the ripped subtitle in Word Processor and create a macro that corrects (by using search/replace all) the most common mistakes in one go.

18th January 2002, 12:57
Originally posted by Yusaku
You should type it in big red letters somewhere during installation :) :D ;) :p :cool:

This is like tenth time this month?

If there had been a correct help file for Vobsub, there wouldn't be such questions kurikaesuing.