View Full Version : Subtitles Not Picked Up

14th January 2002, 17:42
I have a few anime dvds.. for some reason VobSub will not pick up the subtitles (it creates a 12KB .sub file!). If I encode in Xmpeg however, the subtitles will be picked up. Does anyone know why this could be? How does Xmpeg get its subtitles?

14th January 2002, 22:02
That sounds interesting. Try adding all substreams before indexing, and check the size of the .sub file again. Also I'd be pleased to see the vts_*_*.ifo of the main movie.

17th January 2002, 05:58
I found that VobSub wouldn't pick up my subs unless I used BLIND mode. This is probably because I was using modified VOB files ripped to my HD. Read the vobsub-auto.txt file included with the distro for more info.